Golf courses are a major cause of water pollution.


What did you do when you got back home yesterday?

I don't know what you're getting at here.

I have the feeling that my French isn't getting much better.

You need a bath, don't you?

We think we solved your problem.

A promise made in Spanish is more than a simple promise.

When I bought this house, it was the largest house on the block.

The boys each received two and a half apples.

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

That's quite intriguing.

Now let's talk about what we're going to do during the new semester.

Dori doesn't know the boy talking to Those.

You deserved that.

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He was guilty of making a mistake.

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Ramanan will never ever forget Irwin.

I honestly have no idea.

Bill is a baseball player.

I don't think Kylo can speak French.

It rained day after day.


Patty left home ten years ago.

Karen wore fake glasses.

I thought I was your best friend.

The hijackers threatened to kill the hostages if their demands were not met.

She punched me in the face.


I think I understand it now.

Neal admitted that she was scared.

I said it wasn't possible.

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Pradeep started yelling for help.

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Mr Smith always begins his lectures with a joke.


It's such a nice change.

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I called in sick this morning.

The Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage.

No, I'll pay for it.

He heard that.

Do you want to try that again?

The end of the era of petroleum is in sight.

I watched TV after I washed the dishes.

We didn't do a thing.

Harv stopped by Piercarlo's store to buy sugar.

Mechael put some food in front of Lowell.

I'm no better at cooking than my mother.

I don't want that to happen.

Ask Ahmet if he'll attend the meeting.

Did someone contact Harv?

She was present at the party.


I did all I could do.

This directly concerns her.

Are you asleep?

Cindy passed away last winter after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Do you think we can help him?

I gave Liyuan clear orders not to go there.

Adlai was stabbed to death last night.

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Anatoly is probably lost.


He made a killing in his new business.

He came to see me in a different way.

Is there the subtitled version?

Kim is two years older than he is.

Mark cut his finger on a piece of glass.

We'll help you look for them.

Everyone expects politicians to break their promises to the voters.

He has been to Switzerland before.

I didn't want to throw that out.

The furnishing of his work room was tax deductible.

What colour is your dress?

Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.

Light and sound travel in waves.

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Heinz didn't seem very sure.

Dan's body was floating in the swimming pool.

He went to the back of the building.

How often do you like to go to the beach?

It was cold, so we lit a fire.


Yes, over there.

Thank you very much for the answer, it inspires new hope.

Is Josip any good at baseball?

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Would you like to meet tomorrow?


Could you please take me home?

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Tiefenthal is probably trying to lose weight.

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I can barely move my arms.


Hitoshi is the least studious of the three.


Rolfe hates these things.

It's my first date with Earle.

Where is your coat?

The dictionary that I bought still wasn't delivered to me.

They passed the hat round to raise funds for the new sports centre.

We're taking it slow.

Next week the electrician is coming to fix the wires.

Can I have another drink now?

I can't stand to think about it.


It's not an unfair proposal.

I am working with them towards world peace.

What's your favorite Christian hymn?


I don't get why not all girls are lesbians.

My sister's going to kill me.

I tried my best.

We'll send him a card.

I came to apologize.

It takes a lot of electricity to power a country.

Whenever I meet her, I get the desire to kiss her.

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He was driving at over 120 kph when the accident happened.


Denis can't afford to take a vacation now.

We really are good friends.

There is no way of reaching the island other than by boat.

I don't know what plan he will try.

She took over the business after her husband died.


I'm a serious person.


Sandra had to go there.

I borrowed money not only from Jack, but from his wife, too.

I'd rather hang out with Penny.

It is still as cold as ever.

You can replace a little bit of the white flour with rye flour.

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In my view, you are wrong.

There was a watermill under the dam.

Texting while driving is very dangerous.

I want you to stay where you are.

This can't be true.

He has a walk every morning.

Aimee seems to know all that already.

I think you should take a look.

What happened to my treehouse?

You can always quit the job.

I can't help you right now.

We were robbed of the documents on the way.

Today I learned that I have accomplished one of my goals.

I go to work every day by train.

Tell her that I am coming.

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I want to go back to Kristin's.

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Is there anybody else I can ask?

Oh, you poor thing.

Since it's nice out, I'd like to go take a walk.

She wants to keep the baby.

We're not happy with this.


I've never said this before to anyone.

It was a dream and shouldn't I bother about a dream?

He took out one egg.

We saw a theatre piece which brings the true prejudices of the present society.

I think No is courteous.


Mikael is the only one who knows how anything works.

The runners poured water over their heads.

He began to abase the man behind his back.

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Merat said he is not interested in 3D girls.

It's non influential.

You must live your life the best you can.

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Did you and Harv have a fight?

Stagger doesn't feel like cooking.

Is everything there?


Sunil certainly looks intelligent.

I've never heard of Huashi Jackson.

I can't stop myself.

I'm gonna have to call you right back.

Stop complaining so much, and do something constructive!

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You might enjoy this movie.


She's got a hang-up about me being perfect.


It was cloudy yesterday.

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I'm going to get you home.

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I teach English to someone.

You're going to love living here.

My shoes will have to be mended.

Who wants to fight?

We've forgiven you.